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15 July 2010 @ 05:36 pm
Task: Make a Sig tag

Due: Sun, Aug 15th at 11:59pm EDT

Further Specifications:
# Your sig tag must be 275x150 (width by height) on size.
# It doesn't matter what anime or manga is on your sig, but it'd be nice if you stayed within the theme of your team for this alone. other challenges you do not need to stay within your team theme.
# You are allowed to ask your team for help with this if you are not graphically inclined.
# In the future, submitting to challenges with your sig tag will earn you an extra point!

10 points for a sig!

example of a sig

15 July 2010 @ 05:26 pm
So here we go! Finally!

Your first challenge is to pimp out mangatachi!

I don't want you going on insane spamming sprees though... So I am limiting this to a pimp in your own journal and a pimp in TWO communities.

Please do not pimp in a comm someone has already pimped in and please read the community rules and do not pimp if it isn't allowed there.

no team name = no points

Due Date: Sunday, August 15th at 11:59pm EDT.

Points: 5 points per pimp and 5 points per referral!
10 June 2010 @ 11:12 pm
1. Join the Community: Apply here
2. Enter a Task/Challenge at least once every TWO weeks.
2. Respect the mods and fellow members.
3. No profanity. Censoring is allowed, but it is best if no swearing takes place.
4. Keep it PG-13 for all challenges that will have voting. NC-17 is allowed for participation only challenges!
5. Type coherently, in other words something like: zomg DAT wZ ttly crZy is a faux-pas.
6. Because of the nature of this comm, we can only really put in place a spoiler policy for series with speed subs or speed scanlations. Spoiler policy is 1 week.
7. Anyone not following the rules or respecting the mods will be kicked out of the community.
8. No download links for ANY series will be posted to this comm. If you ask for them you will be put on probation or kicked out. It is at the discretion of the two mods.

Those who have been kicked because of no participation will be allowed back, but will follow a three-strikes you're out ruling. If, on the third time you've re-joined the community (does not matter which team you were on) and are not participating, you will be banned from joining mangatachi permanently.

If you need time off, special circumstances: please leave a comment in our hiatus post. If you must be away for a longer period of time, please let us know (pm is fine). Also, let your own Team Leaders know about your absence.
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10 June 2010 @ 10:38 pm
Rules for Applying

1. You must be able to participate in at least one challenge every TWO weeks.
2. Please fill out all the questions.
3. Under the anything else question, put the name of your favorite anime or manga.
4. Your journal must be at least one month old and show signs of activity (posts/comments, etc...).
5. There are three teams to choose from: Team Shoujo, Team Shounen, and Team Hentai
If there is no preference, please write: "Any".
6. You will receive an invite to join the teams that you are assigned.
7. Since we want a good balance for the teams, you may not get your first choice.
Although we have named the teams, please remember that it is only a name.

If you'd rather wait for spots to open up, please say so in the comment and I'll put you in queue for when we've got enough players on all teams.

Please use the form below for submissions.

Comment only here to apply.
Invites will be sent out, so no need to select "Click here to Join"
Once your application has been accepted you will be sent an invite, so please check HERE.
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